The Tigermen Den

3113 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70117
☎ 504-451-1280

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The Tigermen Den is an historical, one of a kind space. Built in the 1830s, an inspiring preservation of a Creole dry goods corner store. The Tigermen Den is here to host all manner of community gatherings, artistic projects, and life's merry meetings. If you can't have it at yours, have it at ours!



What People Are Saying

This place is totally amazing...the space is gorgeous and needs no decoration besides what they provide. (They) helped make sure our planner-less wedding went off without a hitch...coordinating seamlessly with our caterers, advising us about how to stock the bar and work the speaker system, coming up with special touches to delight our guests, (and) calming our nerves on the big night, among other things. (They) went above and beyond to make everything lovely. Can't recommend this magical place highly enough.

Hannah K.

The charm and beauty of this gem location is more than enough to stand on its own...five stars just aren't enough! Seriously, if you are looking for a New Orleans venue, THIS is the right space. Most helpful coordinator(s) I've ever worked with.

Terri W.

I love this space, and the people who run it. They host amazing community events...I highly recommend them.

Kim M.

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