Cajun Brunch

A traditional fais do-do, featuring live music from every corner of Cajun country, held right in the heart of New Orleans! Cajun Brunch at The Tigermen Den kicked off in April of 2012. A purely Louisiana tradition going back nearly 100 years, these parties are named for "the gentle command 'fais do-do' ('go to sleep') which young mothers offered bawling infants" as they nursed not only their children, but concern that their men may be dancing with another at the local after church social. Cajun Brunch is held at the Tigermen Den every 2nd Sunday from October till January, and again from March till June. Good food. Great music. Sweet people. Eat up, get up and go dance!

Cajun Brunch 2018 dates:

January 14th

March 11th

April 8th

May 13th

June 10th