The Tigermen Den Community Events 

It is important to us to provide space and resources for artists, makers, and health based service providers in our local community. Whether you require a place to hold a table reading for a new play, a uniquely textured backdrop for a photo shoot, or a space to strengthen, fund, or further a community cause, we’d love to host you at the Tigermen Den. We strive to be a multi use space for creative projects, workshops, community events, gatherings, and all of life's merry meetings.

Some of the events we have featured in the last years are:

            Photo NOLA

            Live with Julie Odel 

            New Paintings By John Vincent King

            Esther Rose Band Recording 

            Innocence Project Fundraiser

            Balkan Singing Rehearsal 

            Kids in Need of Defense Fundraiser

            Covid Safe Porch Concerts


We have on going events through out the year.

9th Annual Mardi Gras Costume pop up Shop by Howl Pop!

Feb 11th -15th 2021

Once of a kind costumes and accessories created by local artists.



Kids Art Camp 504 

Krewe of House Float kids art camp 

Feb 6 + 7 $60+ per child 

Covid protocols in place

Click for more info

We will be turning the corner into a coral reef. Kids and local artist will create and install the work.

Art Camp 504 has been on hiatus and hoping to come back to offer varies camps in a safe space.


-Thanksgiving camp

-Holiday Camp

-Spring Break

-Summer Camp  

Currently off the Calendar Cajun Brunch once a month  We hope to be back soon!

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