African Jazz Supper Club


Imagine yourself in a candlelit West African speakeasy. Delicious home-cooked small plates are being served from the tiny kitchen in the back. A rockin’ band performs in the corner. You sip your cold rooibos iced tea as you tap your foot. A fresh Tamarind Pineapple Rum cocktail arrives at your table. You don’t have to get on a transatlantic flight to experience such a night!


Join us for our first indoor event of 2021.

The evening will transport you to a different time, a different land, and a different culture.




Featuring Chef Nadia of Little Kitchen offering up a 5 course Nigerian menu 


Live music by Read the Sands, a raucous West African-inspired jazz ensemble with its roots firmly planted in the Bambara music tradition


Advance tickets are on sale for parties of 2+ up

Seating is limited.


Not all seats will have a view of the band.

Seating is first come, first serve.


5 Course Tasting Menu


Small Plates

Dodo & Ayamase

Fried plantain w green bell pepper sauce


Suya Chicken Skewers

Chicken marinated in a peanut & cameroon pepper sauce


Mushroom Egusi with FuFu

Ground melon seed stew served w pounded yam


Large Plate

Jollof Rice & Ata Din Din

Party rice with beef cooked in a reduced red bell pepper & scotch bonnet sauce




Orange Zest Puff Puff Nigerian Style Beignet

*Vegetarian Tasting can be provided upon request* 

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EventBrite pre Sale Tickets 


Ticket sales close June 11th 9pm.

The number of tickets available for purchase at the door will be announced on Facebook and IG on the 12th.


This is our first indoor public event since last March. 

We are raising money to continue to subsidize our summer programming with Non-Profit Art Camp 504 , a children’s camp offering scholarships for underserved communities in NOLA.

- The Tigermen Den


Text us with any questions you might have.


Porch Concert Series Presented By The Tigermen Den

We know in these times live music is medicine for the soul.  We are excited to put on an outdoor, safe, porch concerts through the fall, winter and spring season. We got the chairs! Events are free and you are encouraged to tip the band and buy a poster to support the space.


 We sometimes  post these dates on Facebook or IG. We always send  out a newsletter so those on the list will always be in the know.

Cajun Brunch Brings Fais Do Do to the Bywater

UPDATE-  Spring 2021 -So we have an eye on a date.. but no promises.

October 31 st 2021 the return of Cajun Brunch Halloween morning 11am-2pm Cross our finger. We miss the bands, the dancers, the cute dogs and smiling toddlers. In the mean time join us one our newsletter to find out about our outdoor socially distancing porch concerts and other fun affrairs. 


And for those who have yet to attend here is the deal... My name is Leesaw Anne and I am the host of Cajun Brunch and Dance, a traditional fais do do, featuring live music from every corner of Cajun Country, held right in the heart of New Orleans!  I was not born in Louisiana nor did I grown up here so I am what they call  a transplant.  When I hit my first cajun dance in Breaux Bridge over 10 years ago I was hooked!  It is my honor to support the Cajun community of dancers and musicians of today by being the host of this event.  

Cajun Brunch at The Tigermen Den kicked off in April 2012. A purely Louisiana tradition going back 100's of years, these parties are named for 'the gentle command - fais do do (go to sleep) which young mothers offered bawling infants' as they nursed not only their own children, but concern that their men may be dancing with another at the local after church social. 

We usually offer up a beginners cajun 2 step partner dance lesson around 12pm and intermediate around 130pm. Full Brunch is served with a rotating menu of home grown favorites. Visiting our Facebook page to see the menu posted closer to the date of the event.

Cajun Brunch Hand printed letter press posters (see below) available for sale at the Door- framed and unframed

Good food! Great music! Sweet people! Eat up, get up and go dance!

 Sweet dogs get in Free and Cajun Grandmas get in free!

We will keep you posted of when we hope to start up again. 

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