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Thank you for your interest in The Recording Booth Project, brought to you by TheTigermen Den event space, Bywater, New Orleans.

As a Recording Studio +  Live Music venue we aim to support local emerging musicians

We believe that in these times New Orleans musicians deserve a token of appreciation for all the magic they have created for us over the years.


We believe that a tangible THANK YOU can come in the form of a gesture that will positively impact the artists' professional trajectory



The Tigermen Den supports new and emerging local talent by providing free and low-cost studio time to develop and produce new works, and archive present projects. The historical wooden bargeboard walls at 3113 Royal Street create warm, resonant acoustics that are ideal for live recording. 

We recorded our first Record Booth Project on Feb 19-22 2021 at The Tigermen Den 

We are set to roll out our 3rd round in the fall and winter of 2022 with a grant from the

New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund !


-The Tigermen Den

CLICK HERE TO SEE Videos  from Round 1

CLICK HERE TO SEE  a video from Round 2

The Tigermen Den Recording Booth Project 

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