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The Tigermen Den Recording Booth Project 

Thank you for your interest in The Recording Booth Project, brought to you by TheTigermen Den event space, Bywater, New Orleans.

Our mission is to support local emerging musicians as the COVID pandemic comes to an end and live music returns to our lives

We believe that in these times New Orleans musicians deserve a token of appreciation for all the magic they have created for us over the years.


We believe that a tangible THANK YOU can come in the form of a gesture that will positively impact the artists' professional trajectory.


Our intention is to provide a no-cost professional recording and mixing session, along with new video footage and photos, to ensure the artists have fresh content available for both promotional and archival purposes. 


The Tigermen Den aims to support new and emerging local talent by providing free and low-cost space to develop and produce new works, and archive present projects. The historical wooden bargeboard walls at 3113 Royal Street create warm, resonant acoustics that are ideal for live recording. 

We will be recording our first Record Booth Project on Feb 19-22 2021 at The Tigermen Den with strict Covid protocols in place, and with ample space to socially distance as needed. 

Our intention is to grow this project; we will use the first round to learn and grow - to find out what works and where we can improve, with a view to continuing to serve recording artists in this format in the future. 

Helping artists create fresh content in a professional environment is our “Thank You” for all the gifts musicians bring the world. Where would we be without them?  


-The Tigermen Den



Musical Acts

The High Standards - a New Orleans jazz ensemble that has been part of our Porch Series and has often used The Tigermen Den as a rehearsal space. Members are Luke Holladay on clarinet/vocals, Jesse Lamarca on guitar, Hunter Burgamy on banjo, and Victoria Budlong on stand-up bass. 


Bobby Michot and Band – this Lafayette, Louisiana-based Cajun trio have been frequent musical headliners at Cajun Brunch, our monthly family-style Fais Do Do. Bobby's bandmates Tina Pilione on fiddle and Lisa Trahan on guitar round out the sound. (We hope Cajun Brunch will restart in 2022!)


Lee Walker is a long-time community supporter of the local Americana roots music scene here in New Orleans, and part of the The Tigermen Den's extended family. He is a singer/songwriter who brings his angelic sound to each song. 


Buku Do Choro - We first met Rosalynn Der Roos, band leader and clarinetist, this summer, during our summer Porch Series. She brought her vintage Brazilian jazz sound and people went wild! We are excited to work with her again. Additional band members are Peter Gustafson on trombone, Salvador Avila on seven-string guitar, Leo Oliveira on percussion and cavaco, and Fernando Lima on percussion.



The Production Krewe

Sound Engineer Ross Farbe of Video Age will return once again to The Tigermen Den to craft his third recording session in the space. He has recorded the latest albums of local favorites Tuba Skinny and Esther Rose at The Den, and knows all too well the power of great acoustics.


Head Videographer Conner James Reever of Fast Friends Productions has been documenting artists and music culture events in New Orleans' 9th Ward for the last few years. He has recently worked on events with New Orleans Airlift at The Music Box.  


Executive Producer Leesaw A. Andaloro brings her twenty years in music production and event design to the project. She fondly recalls her younger years as an up-and-coming gigging musician and draws on that experience to understand the present needs of new and emerging local acts. 


Production Outline, 2021

February 19th - Load in and set up 

             - Lee Walker Recording session 

February 20th - The High Standard recording session

February 21st - Bobby Michot and Band all day

February 22nd - Buku do Choro all day


Artists will engage in a 4-6 hour recording and mixing session. Photos will be taken before or after. Video footage will be acquired during recording and edited into a archive montage as accompaniment to the music recorded during the session.  





Room set up 

  • 1 room mic

  • 3 vocal/ instrument mics

  • 1 bass DI/ Bass Amp + Head

  • 1 ‘70s Fender Vibro Champ guitar amp

  • 1 standard jazz style drum kit mic’d





We intend to raise $2500 for this project. The budget is to pay our Sound Engineer, Producer, Videographer and Photographer for their time and materials. 

We would like to provide food to artists and crew while they are working in the space and will share the love by ordering from local Bywater restaurants. 



Donate $20+  and receive a two-drink ticket for The Tigermen Den's summer Porch Series.  Have a few cocktails on us!

Donate $50 or more and receive a hand-letter pressed poster from our Cajun Brunch series of 100. 

Smaller donations also welcome!

Ways to donate: Venmo/ PAY PAL /CASH APP/ZELLE

 Use the tag "Recording Booth" and we will follow up to get your details for your drink tickets or poster. 

Looking for alternative donation methods or want to make a bigger donation?

Text us at(504)230-0131.





If you have read  this far, THANKS for caring. We will be posting the tracks on line and sending out a newsletter when all is complete. We will also be hosting the acts for our spring/summer Porch series, an outdoor concert series that takes place on the corner of Clouet & Royal Streets for the safe and sweet enjoyment of Bywater locals.





And to the musicians of the world…





The Tigermen Den 

3113 Royal Street

New Orleans LA  70117


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