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Art Camp 504 Mask Making Camp at The Tigermen Den in Bywater New Orleans. Arts education for kids. Group of children gathered outside of the tigermen den in costumes. Art teachers and flags.

Youth Arts Education

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Accessible and Diverse Youth Arts Education

The Tigermen Den is the proud home and partner of Art Camp 504, a 501(c)3 non-profit that offers advanced in-person and virtual workshops for young artists of all income levels.  In addition to the Tigermen Den serving as Art Camp 504’s campground, our Owner & Founder Leesaw Audre Andaloro works directly with the camp as Director of Fundraising and Public Events. She uses her experience as a music and event producer, as well as her expertise in fundraising campaigns, to plan a wide range of family friendly fundraising events that support our Rising Artists Scholarship program.

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New Orleans female child in costume at mask making camp. Art Camp 504 provides arts education at their partner's site, The Tigermen Den in the Bywater New Orleans. Yellow purple green parasole.
BIPOC boy and girl at Art Camp 504 Culinary Camp located at the Tigermen Den industrial kitchen in the BYWATER NEW ORLEANS.

Support the Next Generation of New Orleans artists

When you patron the den you are supporting diversity in high end arts education.  Art Camp 504 shapes local youth through high end art experiences in a space of racial and economic diversity. Diversity means putting a range of kids from different cultural, economic, and racial backgrounds with local working artists, paying them a living wage. 

Art Camp 504 is a safe space LGBTQ+ children.

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