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Cajun Brunch_Tigermen Den Family Friendly Things to Do in Bywater New Orleans Sundays free dance lessons at 12:30pm


Keep New Orleans Thriving

A Community Space

The Tigermen Den is a community space, offering cultural programming & celebrations and adapting to neighborhood needs. We adapt to the needs of our community and provide a family friendly environment for gathering and experiencing art! We host Art Show openings, Supper Club gatherings, Theatrical Plays, Live Music, Community Meetings, Movie Nights, Charity Benefits, Full Moon Ceremonies, and more!


Group of Art Camp 504 kids in front of the Tigermen Den in Bywater New Orleans for spooky halloween mask making camp


Accessible and Diverse Youth Arts Education.

When you patron the den you are supporting our Rising Artists Scholarship program.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell awards NOTCF Funding to Tigermen Den and Art Camp 504 in Bywater New Orleans


Grant Recipient

Since 2012 our mission has been to host, produce and support emerging artistic talent while fostering creativity engagement within our community.   In 2021 we felt like we were swimming upstream, fatigued, battered and on the verge of closing our doors for good. That same year the city administration and Mayor Cantrell recognizing their importance in preserving the fabric of life as we know it here in New Orleans and launched the NOTCF program to support the cultural bearers  by granting the funds they needed to fully realize their impact. The Mayor understood  without the cultural content creators  the well of authenticity  would begin to dry up and  weakening  our reputation on both the state, national and international stage.  The NOTCF program has recognized the importance of  us continuing our programing  here at The Tigermen Den  by acknowledging the uphill battle of balancing budgets and mission statements when striving to produce authentic grassroots artistic cultural events. We thank the city and mayor for its recognition and support over the last few years and look forward to a continued collaborative relationship  moving forward.

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