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Layout & Specs

The building features ADA accessible points and facilities,Wifi,  plenty of natural light as well as heavy shutters and curtains for tailored lighting, a wireless Sonos sound system throughout (details below,) a PA for live use (details below,) an assortment of tables and seating options, a full sized kitchen with near commercial grade amenities, and much more.

We are available from 9am-10pm.

Call or text us to start planning your event today!

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Tigermen Den Floor plan for private events in New Orleans

All events end at 945pm and pack out finished by 1030pm.

The capacity for private events is 60 full seated and 100 standing room 


The pricing gird show rates for 2023 - 2024. Prices are subject to change.  For private rental a $499 refundable booking fee is required to hold the date and %50 of the rental cost is due at singing.  At this time we only book 14 months in advance. 

  • 2 speakers and mixer

  • 2 1/4 inch input

  • 2 xlr input

  • mini jack input

  • 2 speaker stands

  • cables from speakers to mixer

  • 3 microphone stands

  • 2 microphones

  • 2 xlr microphone cables

Located throughout all spaces

  • 1 large speaker

  • 2 medium speakers

  • Device on site with Sonos app installed for controlling levels

  • Sign into Pandora or Spotify for best results in accessing your personally created Playlists

Texture Backgrounds-01.jpg
  • vintage wood folding chairs (100) with rental for chair use at Clouet Gardens

  • wood top tables (hand-crafted locally - seating for 55 in various sizes)

  • 80 place settings incl. classic white dinner plates,, side plates, and cutlery 

  • 80 pieces casual jar glassware 

  • casual checkered tables clothes free use with rental

  • vintage table clothes for rent

  • 3 coolers varies sizes

  • stainless steel drinking water station with filtered water

  • 4 large glass drink dispensers

  • wine chilling buckets

  • marble top bar on wheels

  • soda machine

  • coffee maker for 80 cup

  • electric kettle and pump thermos for hot water

  • vintage and modern vases for flowers 

  • candle holders 

  • counter heigh service tables for buffet on wheels

  • several white vintage farm tables for staging

  • coat rack

Texture Backgrounds-01.jpg
  • Do you have a bridal suite?
    The side room if in use for your event can be used as a dressing space pre event. There are several Airbnb rentals very close by that can be booked for the weekend to have a staging area and a place to sleep.
  • Can I choose my own catering ?
    Yes! We have a list of vendors we like to work with and have seen them in action and can confirm they are a wonderful choice. We do not host in door crawfish boils. We can host food trucks. No cooking or deep frying on site.
  • Can we bring our own alcohol ?
    Yes.. in fact you must. We do not carry a license to sell you alcohol and this purchase is up to you. However we are Bar Curation experts. We can do bar set up for self serve, batch cocktails and/or full service with one or multiple station through out your event.
  • What is a good budget?
    We get this question all the time. We are totally able to consult and offer you a "casual" wedding for under 10k for 60 person or less. We are happy to share with you the areas we can help you save and where you should splurge. This is might be your first wedding but not ours! But hey if you want your day to have some extra special twists. run smooth, not be bothered with questions day of and truly be in the magic of your dream day then we deeply suggest getting a planner or day of coordinator or having us jump on board for support.
  • Can I bring in rental items for staging, glass ware, props, decor?
    Yes! We have simple casual mason jars for drinking glasses, art and antiques for props, a few plants you can move around. And if you want to bring in more your welcome to rent glass stemware, props, decorations etc. There is no hammering into the walls, no gliter or confetti and we require a plan for evening of removal or next day pick up in place a week before the event so we are all on the same page.
  • Live music?
    We love having live music at events. Our space is best set up for 3-4 piece jazz, brass bands, cajun music or elegant single or duo instrumentation. Also there is a great spot to have a DJ stationed. Note music cut off is 945pm sharp. We are located in a residential area and like to keep our neighbors happy.
  • Who is best suited to have their wedding at The Tigermen Den ?
    You love the old rustic vibe. Being in an artistic funky neighborhood which is a 10-15 min walk to the French Quarter is ideal. Knowing you are supporting a community space for local artists and musicians by renting from us makes you smile. You do not want to have to rent a bunch of items to bring into an empty space as we already have many of the small things you need to host a great event. You are down to earth and want a venue that is too.
  • Do I need a planner?
    If you want to rent the space at the DIY rate you need a planner to be present the day of your event and on site for the duration of the day. They will help with set up and clean up. If you do not have a planner then you will rent the space as a Cozy & Charming or Full Monty.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer day of planning, local event planing for out of town guests, advising on places to say, advise on to and from venue transport, candle service, flowers, rent our vintage table cloths, live music sourcing, bar set up, batch cocktail set up, extra staff, vase rental, coffee station set up and vendor coordination.
  • Can me make our own play list?
    Yes! We have a sonos system which allows you to make a playlist on several different platforms and play it via the speaker in the space. They are quality speakers and perfect for a dance party. Note you will be responsible for downloading all your music and the app in advance to avoid issues like wifi dropping out etc. This test run can be all set up on your final walk through.
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