How the Tigermen Den Started

How did we get here?


Like many adventures in New Orleans our story is a blend of spirit, mystery, faith, hard work and odd coincidence. 


Dating back to 1833 the bones of 3113 Royal Street are strong and robust. The building had last been commercially used from 1964 to 1992 as ‘Ms Turner’s Soul Food Restaurant’. $2.50 lunch plates were served to dock workers who were stationed just a few blocks away on the Mississippi River. In the years between 1992 and 2010 the building had layers added and removed but never opened for business. 


Since New Orleans was the last stop for many barges that could not sail back up the Mississippi River in the 1800's, these boats would be disassembled at the docks steps from here and the wood planks be used to build homes all across the Bywater.  The "barge" board proved to be the perfect wood for a town that sometimes flooded as it could withstand the waters.


In 2011, while still undergoing renovations, an all female local band ‘The Tigermen’ moved into the apartment upstairs and rehearsed downstairs. The naming was obvious. The band started referring to the building as The Tigermen Den and the goal of becoming a community arts and events space was ignited.  


Fast forward to present day; we have a funny, odd name, a goal of serving our community, a desire to host memorable life events and an old space that invites its guests to listen to its walls and contribute to the history.


How did we get here? A strange and winding story that leaves us grateful to be the guardians of such an amazing space. We are inspired to share it with you as a sacred place to gather, to celebrate life and all its amazing journeys. 

An Historical, One-of-a-Kind Space

Built in the 1830s, an inspiring preservation of a Creole dry goods corner store. The Tigermen Den is here to host all manner of community gatherings, artistic projects, and life's merry meetings. If you can't have it at yours, have it at ours!


YOU are able to make the Tigermen Den an affordable option for local artists and craftspeople through our limited private events calendar. Choosing to host your event here makes a significant contribution to several communities by helping local artists, musicians, and vendors to thrive and share their work. Thank you!

Email us direct at tigermendenevents@gmail.com or use the form below

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