Our Origin Story

Dating back to 1833, the bones of 3113 Royal are strong and robust. Before becoming The Tigermen Den, the building was last open to the public from 1968 to1997 as ‘Ms Turner’s Bar + Restaurant’. $2.50 lunch plates were served to dock workers who were stationed just a few blocks away on the Mississippi River. In the years between 1997 and 2010 the building had layers of barge board added and removed but never opened for business. 

Since New Orleans was the last stop for many barges that came down the Mississippi in the 1800's, these sturdy boats would be disassembled at the docks that now border the famous Bywater Neighborhood.  Because of proximity and necessity, the wood planks would be repurposed to build homes all across the Bywater. The "barge" board proved to be the perfect wood for a town that would flood, as it could withstand the waters, and is what now gives the interior of the Tigermen Den it’s unique aesthetic.


In 2011, while still undergoing renovations, an all-female band ‘The Tigermen’ moved into the apartment upstairs and used the vacant downstairs rooms for rehearsal. The name of the building found itself between chords and melodies.  The band naturally started referring to their new home as ‘The Tigermen Den’ and the goal of becoming a community arts and events space was ignited by these impassioned sisters.


Today, with a foundering member of the band at the helm we  carry on the torch by having the same name and maintaining the goal of serving our musical and artistic community.  Our family is filled with a desire to host life-affirming gatherings that bring neighbors together and continue to preserve a time-honored space that invites it’s guests to listen to the walls and contribute to it’s ongoing story.

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An Unusual Space, Rooted in History

Once a Creole corner store of the 1830’s, The Tigermen Den is now an inspiring project of preservation.  Here to gladly host all manner of musical recording sessions, community gatherings, artistic endeavors, and life's merry celebrations. We are also home to Art Camp 504 kids summer and after school programing

The Tigermen Den Krewe

Small and family style is how we roll.  We are a small team who keep the day to day operations moving forward. We are here to answer all of your questions and field your requests.  For recording sessions, public events or private gatherings we pull in our local team of artists and  industry professionals who make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  Some of us have lived here for 15+ years and others are recent arrivals who have quickly fallen in love with the city.  

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